PHP & Laravel

The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it.

PHP is particularly popular for freelance work since many small businesses or non-technical people would want to use WordPress, Wix, or other popular content management systems to set up their websites or shopping carts.



  • Introduction PHP
  • Wamp Server
  • Data Type
  • Condition
  • Loops Statement
  • Array
  • Super global
  • Form
  • MySQL Database
  • Ajax


  • Introduction Laravel
  • Installation and Application Structure
  • Routing, Middleware and Controllers
  • Request and Response
  • Cookie and View
  • Blade Templates
  • Working With Database
  • Crud Operation
  • Super global
  • Session and Validation
  • File and Error Handling
  • CSRF, Authentication
  • Encryption, Pagination Customization

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