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PHP and Laravel

PHP Course

ધોરણ 10 કે 12 પછી IT ફિલ્ડ માં જનાર વિધાર્થીઓ આ શોર્ટ ટર્મ કોર્ષ કરી શકે છે, 
આ કોર્ષ કરી ને પાર્ટ ટાઈમ કોલેજ ની સાથે જોબ પણ કરી શકાય છે

Course Cover

  • Visual Studio Code

PHP Programing Language

PHP is particularly popular for freelance work since many small businesses or non-technical people would want to use WordPress, Wix, or other popular content management systems to set up their websites or shopping carts.


  • Introduction PHP
  • Wamp Server
  • Data Type
  • Condition
  • Loops Statement
  • Array
  • Super global
  • Form
  • MySQL Database
  • Ajax


  • Introduction Laravel
  • Installation and Application Structure
  • Routing, Middleware and Controllers
  • Request and Response
  • Cookie and View
  • Blade Templates
  • Working With Database
  • Crud Operation
  • Super global
  • Session and Validation
  • File and Error Handling
  • CSRF, Authentication
  • Encryption, Pagination Customization

Get the best PHP training in Surat. All of our PHP trainers are highly experienced IT professionals and love to share their practical knowledge with students.
This course is designed to meet all levels of student requirements. Our PHP trainers understand the need for a fresher and a working professional.
Our trainers will make sure you learn and understand all aspects of the content of the PHP course. They provide one-on-one care by listening to each student.

Duration : 1 + 1  month
Time : 2 Hour/Day

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